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A summary of recent events:

Six weeks in Toronto and I haven't yet been moidered.

My dad, my sis, and my nephew, Morgan came for a (too short !) visit earlier this month, and Eric's work has him "on the road" far too much for my liking. I've taken a little while to settle in to my new surroundings and acquaint myself with the city, but this coming week I'll begin in earnest my search for employment. Is phlebotomy like riding a bike ? I shure do hope so.

Speaking of bike-riding... Satan himself had better invest in snow tires and a toque because I've just purchased me a gym membership. Ugh. This is the girl who's avoided any kind of physical exertion since grade five phys. ed. ("Melissa can't participate in class today due to an enlarged prostate. Signed- Epstein's mother") so this is a real leap. I still think yoga and pilates, etc, is a bunch of hippie crapola, but if running in place to the beat of "Move This" for a few hours each week will make me feel better about the ol' carcass, why not ? In addition, I've secured for this purpose the ugliest pair of sneakers imaginable.

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(Alas, my camera didn't quite capture the white-on-silver crackly quality of the shoe.)

They're so repugnant they're almost beautiful, no ? And only $20 at Winners ! If all goes as planned, my atrocious fashion sense will be enough to keep the glistening, flexing, bicep-kissing *Jack LaLanne types far, far away.

*Apologies, Jack. Your Juice Tiger looked really neat. Definitely worth the odd facial laceration !

In other exciting news... courtesy of our dear father, Sis and I will be sailing the briny Atlantic this September ! We'll get things started with three nights in New York, then board the Grand Princess for a ten day cruise to Newport, Boston, Bar Harbor, St. John, Halifax, Sydney, Charlottetown, and finally, Quebec City ! I can't wait !!! Dad kept all this a secret for months, only to surprise us during his recent visit. He'd prepared for us both a hand made folder, filled to capacity with pictures and maps and various details of our upcoming adventure. Also included was a CD of songs he'd carefully chosen and paid someone to burn to disc (he doesn't own a computer.) Among the titles are "New York, New York", "Ain't We Got Fun", "The Sunny Side of the Street"... and Paul Simon's "Father and Daughter":

I'm gonna watch you shine
Gonna watch you grow
Gonna paint a sign
So you'll always know
As long as one and one is two
There could never be a father
Who loved his daughter more than I love you

I'm incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family; I wish only that they weren't so far away. =(
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