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When books are concerned, the prudence with which I usually govern my spending flies clear out the window. That said, I must point out I never buy new unless dramatic price cuts are involved; you sure as hell won't catch me plonking down $20 for a contemporary soft cover. Without a doubt my weakness lies in the discount and used book shops such as I visited this afternoon. How could I walk away from a coffee table sized tome showcasing the work of Outerbridge when the affixed sticker said $7.50 ? (Still in shrink wrap. Original damage: $65.) Anyway, here's today's haul. All are new and not one was priced over eight dollars !

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The Victorian House: Domestic Life from Childbirth to Deathbed

Opal: A Life of Enchantment, Mystery, and Madness

Paul Outerbridge

I still feel guilty, though, so there'll be no more frivolities before the move. Yes indeed, last weekend's trip to TO was a success, with Eric & me managing to snag ourselves one quarter of a charming fourplex ! It's a two bedroom with hardwood flooring and plenty of character, situated in a pleasant midtown neighbourhood. Who could ask for more ?! I'm so excited ! Though I will miss Montréal, I'm relieved at being able to bypass the obstacles of living in a city where the native tongue escapes me. Someday I'll learn French, I'm sure, but that terrible sense of urgency is no longer weighing on my mind.

Now I just have to master whatever language it is they speak in Toronto.

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